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3x breakfast

02 october 2017

Coffee & Art
No need for directions! Breakfast is just around the corner.  Step out of your apartment straight into Taste-Coffee to Walk. The smell of fresh grounded coffee lures you inside. This small and cosy coffee house offers a wide variety of delicious breakfast. From a ham and cheese sandwich  to a full English breakfast, from fresh croissants to a perfect latte macchiato; nothing is too much to ask. You will feel right at home thanks to the warm atmosphere, which is created by the surrounding art. While enjoying your scrambled eggs, you will be sitting on chairs made out of different kinds of fabrics. Walls are decorated with pictures of Amsterdam in its younger years.  Stay seated after breakfast and enjoy your morning paper, before heading into Amsterdam.

Where? Plantage Middenlaan 44
How far from Hotel De Jonker? 1 min.
How to go there from Hotel De Jonker? Step out of the Hotel and walk to the right.
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Restaurant Plantage
A love for animals? Or having a day planned at the ARTIS Zoo? Enjoy  your breakfast at Restaurant Plantage. The Plantage has a small, but tasty variety of choices on their menu. Next to fresh croissants, greek yoghurt and sweet bread, guilty pleasures such as apple pie and cheesecake are waiting for you!  Allergies? No problem, everything will be taken care of. The service is excellent, which will make sure that you have nothing to stress about. Tip! As a guest of the Plantage you can get a discount on the parking rate of ARTIS’ very own parkinglot.

Where? Plantage Kerklaan 36
How far from Hotel De Jonker? 2 min
How to get there from Hotel De Jonker? Cross the street via the crosswalk and go straight on the Plantage Kerklaan.
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Coffee company
‘’Today’s mood is sponsored by coffee’’.  Start your day at Coffee Company, where the best coffee is served. Drink your coffee amongst locals, tourists and students. With a first row seat at the streets of Amsterdam, there is never a boring moment. Not in the mood for the busy streets yet? Read the newspaper or open the map to plan your day.  Next to coffee, fresh smoothies and pastries are also part of the menu. Your biggest dilemma of today is whether to choose the cheesecakes or the muffins. We say both!


Where? Plantage Muidergracht 69 -71
How far from Hotel De Jonker? 2 min
How to get there from Hotel De Jonker? When leaving the Hotel, go left around the corner and cross the street.
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