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    Top 3 Bicycle routes

    31 march 2018

    Amsterdam is best explored by bike! Experience the life of an Amsterdammer and rent a bike at Coffee & Art next door. Have a look at our bicycle routes!

    ROUTE 1 – 20 min without stops
    Culture and history

    Follow these highlights and cross beautiful bridges, discover hidden churches and learn about Amsterdam it’s history.

    Magere Brug

    This bridge is almost world-famous! Cars are not allowed and it dates back to 1934. Story goes that you will stay together if you kiss on this bridge! It is just 4 minutes by bike from de Jonker Urban Studios & Suites and the perfect start of this bicycle route.

    Torensluis (tower lock)

    This is not only the widest bridge of Amsterdam, it is also one of the oldest. Leave your bike behind, walk under the bridge and enter an ancient prison, which is now open to the public.

    Ons’ Lieve Heer Op Solder

    In 1578, Catholic churches were forbidden. Locals built this hidden church in the townhouses of Amsterdam, so they could still go to church!

    The Old Church

    The church itself is already worth the visit, but there is also a beautiful exposition of Jacob van Oostsaenen! Take a break and have something to eat at The Old Church Lounge.

    Enjoy the city centre!

    This route finishes in the city centre. Choose the loudest bar or go shopping at the Kalverstraat. The choice is yours!



    ROUTE 2 – 25 minutes without stops
    Museums and architecture


    First stop: Tropenmuseum. This museum shows a beautiful and interesting exhibition called ‘After live of Slavery’, which is definitely worth a visit! It’s at the end of the street and just 3 minutes away.


    Time to enjoy some greenery! The Oosterpark is the most visited park of Amsterdam Oost, but very peaceful.

    Huis met de kabouters

    This 19th-century building is one of the biggest mysteries of Amsterdam. If you look well, you will see two gnomes on each end of the facade. Story goes that the two gnomes secretly throw a ball at each other at midnight, with new year or one every four years during a leap year.    


    Time for a break! Omelegg serves breakfast, brunch and lunch and is the first omelettery in the Netherlands.

    Museum square

    Lock your bicycle in front of the Museum Square and spend some hours at the ‘Van Gogh Museum’ or ‘Stedelijk Museum’. Is the sun out? Relax on the grass!

    ROUTE 3 – 45 minutes without stops
    The IJ-river and Dutch polders

    Central Station

    If you haven’t crossed the Central Station of Amsterdam yet, you should definitely bike along! The mind-blowing station is built between 1881 and 1889 and is a picture perfect spot full of history!


    Step of your bike and take it with you on the ferry. This ferry boat is free of charge and gives you a unique view over the IJ-river.

    EYE film museum

    This museum is an eye catcher itself. It showcases the best cinematic history and the most recent releases! 


    Landmarkt is 20 minutes away, but will fill your empty belly! This covered marketplace combines the best of city and country and sells delicious local farmer’s products.


    Visit Durgerdam! This historic village tells a story and has many museums and cosy cars to have a drink. Bike back to the city centre through the polders, to sniff some last bit of Dutch culture!.

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