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Flamingo view

11 may 2017

“Flamingo view” in the Netherlands impossible? Not at Hotel de Jonker! Read everything about your view here!

Just accross the street ARTIS is located. This famous Dutch zoo is the place for human to meet nature. From Hotel de Jonker you just go accros the street and the flamingos are in front of you.

Where are they from?
The Chilean Flamingo from ARTIS is the most common species of South-America. They live in groups of almost 1000 flamingo’s at the shores of Mid-argentine.

How come they are pink?
The Chilean flamingos of ARTIS are pink because of the carotenoid. You’re probably thinking: caro-what? Yes that. This yellow till pink pigment comes from their food. Flamgino’s normally eat crayfish. The pink pigment is stored in their feathers and legs during their digestive process. Besides that, their pink color is because of their crop milk. This crop milk is stored at the neck of the flamingo and will be given to their baby flamingos once they're born.

Curious how they look in real life? Book your stay in Hotel de Jonker here and buy your tickets for the zoo online (with a discount!) here

Where? Plantage Kerklaan 38-40
How far from Hotel de Jonker? Fall 2 times and stand up.
How to go there from Hotel de Jonker? Cross the street. That’s all.
More info?

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