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Hortus botanicus

10 may 2017

Amsterdam East is famous for its hip cafés, boutiques and green surroundings. Read here about Hortus Botanicus. Visit these botanical gardens and surprise yourself with the extraordinary collection of plants and flowers.

The history of Hortus Botanicus goes back to 1638. Amsterdam has been infested by several diseases that interrupt the economic growth. Nicolaas Tulp is the major at that time and takes the initiative of creating the Hortus Medicus. A garden where doctors and pharmacists can grow in knowledge and invent new medicines.

Today, the Hortus is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. With over 4000 plants and flowers from over 5 continents, this garden is a special one. Hortus Botanicus strives to provide the beauty of plants from all over the world to each and everyone. Search for a quiet place in the busy city life.

Take a look at for more information or visit the garden! Just nearby Hotel de Jonker.

Where? Plantage Middenlaan 2
Hoe far from Hotel de Jonker? Fall 4 times and you’re there (Allright, 4 minutes)
How to go there from Hotel de Jonker? Go in northeast side to the Plantage Kerklaan and follow the road.
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